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Accounts Recievable

Account Recievable (AR) calling training programs recievable is the measurement of charges yet to be collected by the physician. These are callers followup with insurance companies and patients to collect payments of pending or denied charges .


  • * The Medical Billing Course covers all aspects of medical terminology with skills to maintain all aspects of the venue cycle including Anatomy, Diseases Procedures, Diagnostics Tools Test, Treatments Master important aspects such as ICD-10-CM(International Classification of Diseases 10th Revision Council Modifications), CPT(Current Procedural Terminology) and HCPCS(Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System) Level 11
  • * Our 30 days, In-House Medical Coding Program consists of basic medical billing training and real time on job training. Any graduate or post-graduate with excellent spoken English skills is eligible for the program.

Eligibility And Benefits Check

To receive payments for services rendered, Healthcare provides need to verify each patients eligibility and benefits before patients visit.

Charge Entry

Charge entry is the process or set of processes by which charge for medical procedures and other patient facing services are submitted to the appropriate payors for billing. It Involves a detailed accounting for services rendered as well as initial intake of important information.