Certified program in Banking sales

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Introduction To Banking Sales
     I. Overview of banking sales and its importance in the financial industry
     II. Understanding the role of banking sales person
Function of bank.
     I. Types of Deposits & Interest Calculations
     II. KYC, AML, & CFT Guidelines & its adherence
     III. Types of Customers ( Individual & Non Individual)
     IV. Account opening process (KYC rqd.& Customer due diligence)
     V. NRE, NRO, EEFC, &RFC Accounts
Banking Products & Service
     I. Types of accounts CASA (savings checking, fixed deposits etc)
     II. Types of loans - Secured loan and unsecured (Home loan, LAP, PL,AUTO LOAN etc )
     III. Credit cards and its features.
     IV. Investment Products (mutual funds, stocks, bonds)
     V. Insurance offerings (life, health, property)
Compliance and Regulations
     I. Understanding banking regulations and compliance
     II. Ethical considerations in banking sales
Customer Relationship Management
    I. Building and Maintaining customer relationship
    II. Effective communication skills in sales
    III. Understanding customer needs and offering appropriate solutions
Sales Technique
     I. Prospecting and Lead generation
    II. Consultative selling approach
    III. Cross-selling and Up-selling strategies
Financial Literacy
    I. Educating customers about financial concepts
    II. Providing financial advice's responsibly.
Market analysis
     I. Studying market trends and customer preferences
     II. Competitor analysis and differentiation strategies
Technology in Banking sales
     I. Utilizing digital tools for sales and customer management
     II. Online and mobile banking sales approaches.
Performance Metrics and Goal Setting
     I. Measuring sales performance and setting targets
     II. Sales reporting and analysis
Case-Studies and Practical Exercises
    I. Analyzing Real-world banking sales scenarios
     II. Role-playing exercises for effective and efficient sales technique.


  • IBAF is an initiative run by top Ex- banking and Finance experts.
  • 1 Month Program
  • Curriculum designed by Senior banking professionals.
  • Only Ex. banking professionals to teach the banking modules.
  • Training on Basic Excel.
  • Interview handling skills, soft skills, communication & Personality development classes to make you job ready.
  • Get hired! We have 99% job placement rate
  • Develop strong presentation skills and confidence

Program Highlight

  • 1 Month full time Program, 15 days training and final screening for placement in the next 15 days.
  • An informative and precise training from sales experts using varied tested tools and practices such as in depth classroom training, different case studies on various sales topics, role plays, e-learning modules, in depth knowledge of gaming & tablet applications.
  • Students get to have word with Senior Management of Private Banks so that they can clear all their doubts and questions.
  • Best in class infrastructure for a convenient and comfortable academic and practical learning environment.
  • On the successful completion of the Certificate Program in Sales Excellence the students will be awarded a certificate along with placement .

Course Curriculum

The course will consist of classroom training and education for six days in a week in full time mode. Apart from the formal training sessions in the classroom, the students may be required to participate in other curricular activities and Assignments such as self-paced e-learning, present their report on different Case-studies, Model exercises, Role-plays, and some other sales related reference work. In addition to all these activities IBAF will also hold Special English and PD classes that have also been included as a part of the Certificate In Banking Services - Sales.

  • Banking overview and strategy of banks
  • Banking products.
  • E-Banking System
  • Customer service & Selling Skills
  • Banking regulations and compliances.
  • Personality Development and Communication Skills.
  • End-to-End Sales Process with drill sessions and Practice.


  • A Graduate from any Field under the age of 30 years.
  • In case the student is Graduate, he/she doesn’t require any kind of experience.

Selection Process

The Selection Process will be held in 2 stages and shall be performed by IBAF

  • Sales Profiler: In the first stage all the applicants will undergo sales profiling as a separate section of the selection test. The profiling report will be then evaluated and considered according to the guidelines laid down by the top banks.
  • Personal Interview: After the sales profiling has been done the selected applicants will go through a personal interaction with a panel consisting of two interviewers certified by ICICI Bank.


The Certificate In Banking Services - Sales is a one month training program that will train students how to lead the sales management industry. Once a student successfully completes his 15 day screening, his placement will begin subject to fulfilling all stipulated requirements. The placement location will be decided conveniently at the nearest branch/office of various private sector Banks.


After the student successfully complete their in Banking Services - Sales their performance in the course duration will be evaluated and the students will be given their certificates accordingly.